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White Castle Announces Launch of Flippy The Burger-Grilling Robot




Fastfood chain White Castle plans to launch Flippy the burger-grilling robot in September, sparking concerns it might take away human jobs.

Welcome the new face of flipping burgers as White Castle plans to introduce its burger-grilling robot, Flippy. The private burger chain has announced its partnership with Miso Robotics to develop Flippy. White Castle has begun testing of the robot at a Chicago branch last September. Miso Robotics is a tech start-up based in Pasadena, California. 

What Is Flippy the Burger-Grilling Robot?

According to the CNN report, Flippy is an “automated kitchen assistant.” A report on the website Tech Crunch added that the latest version of Miso could start preparing the food as soon as the register accepts the order. Moreover, the tech company assured people that robots are safer in the kitchen. They can use thermal imaging to detect undercooked food. With this, they can prevent food poisoning. Robots could also free up human employees. The fewer people work in the kitchen, the fewer chances of spreading diseases.

White Castle said Flippy could help shorten grilling and frying time. In a statement to CNN, CEO Lisa Ingram said the company is “thrilled to bring the future into our kitchen.”

Will Flippy the Robot Take Human Jobs?

Not all is good news, though. Concerns arise whether robots like Flippy will take over human jobs. White Castle did not clarify if Flippy would do this. They just said that Flippy could free up employees to do other tasks like customer service. Jamie Castle also told Tech Crunch that White Castle does not want to shed workers. They just said Flippy could help the company save money. Castle is the vice president of shareholder relations at White Castle.

With COVID-19 changing the way restaurants operate, Flippy might also be a welcome addition to the workforce. 

See Flippy the Burger-Grilling Robot in Action

Curious to see how a burger-grilling robot works? This video from Tech Crunch might satisfy your curiosity and more.  

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