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Google Launches Cross-App Security Alerts on iOS Devices




Google Launches Cross-App Security Alerts on iOS Devices

If you’re an iOS user, you’ll receive new security updates from Google today. Among these updates are new cross-app alerts for security issues with your Google account. If Google notices a potential security issue with your account, it will alert you right away. The warning works with all Google apps. 

Google Security Alerts

The Verge reports that Google will release this update on iOS first before moving to other platforms. In a blog post, Google also said it plans to expand the alert “more broadly” in 2021. So, if you see a warning in whatever Google app you’re using, you don’t need to check your email or phone. Google adds that hackers can’t spoof these alerts. 

Google Assistant

Moreover, Google says it’s adding a guest mode to Google Assistant. If you use guest mode, Google Assistant won’t save any requests to access your Google account. It’s simple to turn on, too. Just say “Hey Google, turn on Guest mode” to your phone to activate it.

If you have a Nest smart speaker or display, expect this new mode in the coming weeks.

Meanwhile, you can now simplify checking your Google account’s security and privacy settings. Searching for phrases like “Is my Google account secure?” should pull up your account settings.  

Google Safety Center

Finally, Google said it plans to update the Safety Center website. The website contains information on privacy and safety tools in Google products. With the update, the website can tell you information on 13 Google products. These products include Gmail, Chrome, YouTube, Android, and Pixel. Google also plans to add more products in the future. 

If you’re in the US, you can access the new site now. Google plans to put up the site globally soon.

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