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Get That Song Out of Your Head with Google’s “Hum to Search”

Rob Sterling



Get That Song Out of Your Head with Google’s “Hum to Search”

With Google’s new “hum to search” feature for Search, you can now hum into your phone to get that earworm out of your head.

Shazam might need to watch its back now. Today, Google has launched a “hum to search” feature to Search. With this update, you can now hum, whistle, or sing a tune to search for it on Google.  

Google Search’s New Feature

The Verge says that Google’s new “hum to search” feature uses machine learning to identify your song. How does it work? Google says that you open Search on your mobile device and then tap the mic icon. After that, you can say, “What’s this song?” or click the “Search a song” button. Then, Google says you need to hum for 10-15 seconds. 

Google “Hum to Search”

Once you finish humming, Search’s algorithm should go to work right away to find song matches. Google also says you don’t need to have perfect pitch. You’ll get a list of likely options. After Google shows you the results, you can tap them to listen.  

How Does Google’s “Hum to Search” Work?

Google says that its models transform your hums into a sequence that the AI could understand. This sequence represents the song’s melody. With the sequence, the AI could compare the melody to its library of songs. 

Moreover, Google says it feeds the AI with various sounds, such as singing, whistling, or humming. They also use studio recordings as audio sources. So, even if you’re tone-deaf, you can use “hum to search.”

You can use Google’s new “hum to search” in English on iOS. For Android users, this new feature is available in over 20 languages. Google also plans to add more languages in the future.

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