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Tech CEO Of Nigerian Company Found Dead In New York Luxury Apartment

Rob Sterling



The New York Police Department has found the dismembered body of tech CEO Fahim Saleh, 33 years old, in a Manhattan luxury condo.

The tech world has just lost another soul as New York Police has found the body of CEO Fahim Saleh inside a luxury condo. Not only did the killer murder him, but he also dismembered the corpse. Saleh was the CEO of Gokada, a motorcycle-hailing app in Nigeria. He was 33 years old.

New York Police Confirms Saleh’s Death

In a CNN report, the New York Police Department said Tuesday that they had found Saleh’s body in a Manhattan apartment. Police sources identified the body was Saleh’s, a venture capitalist. The NYPD confirmed this to CNN.

How Saleh’s Death Happened

CNN reports that surveillance cameras caught Saleh enter his apartment building’s elevator, on the evening of Monday. A man in black came with him. Saleh’s companion wore all black clothing. Police suspect that this man could have been the murderer. Once inside Saleh’s apartment, the murderer attacked him.

Later, the CEO’s sister found his torso near the living room. Police found the Saleh’s other body parts inside bags around the apartment. While they are looking for a motive, detectives are also wondering how the murderer left the building.

Sadness Over Saleh’s Death

In a Twitter post, Gokada expressed sadness over its CEO’s “sudden and tragic” death. The company referred to him as a “great leader” and an “inspiration.” His family also released a statement. They hoped the police could find out who had committed the gruesome murder. Finally, they urged the police to work hard to give them the justice they deserve.

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