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Mobalytics & Tobii Bring Eye-Tracking to Esports

Sam Arnold



Mobalytics partnered with Tobii to bring eye-tracking software to esports and improve pro team coaching and skill levels.

To improve its gaming coach, Mobalytics has partnered with Tobii to add the eye-tracking ability to its coach software. The company has raised $11 M to fund the project. With an improved automated coach, Mobalytics hopes to help esports players improve their game.  

How Does Mobalytics’ Automated Gaming Coach Work?

In other pro sports, experts use different metrics to measure how well athletes play. Experts in the esports scene say the same thing. Through Mobalytics’ system, coaches give their players feedback based on real data. The scheme aims to translate metrics like “survivability or teamplay” into numbers pro teams can understand. 

With Tobii’s eye-tracking technology, Mobalytics adds another tool to its set.

How Can Eye-tracking Help Mobalytics’ Automated Gaming Coach?

In a report by Tech Crunch, Amine Issa said that eye-tracking could improve pro teams’ skills. Knowing where your opponent is looking can give you an idea of what he’s planning, he added. Issa is a co-founder of Mobalytics and “Warchief of Science.”

Mobalytics and Tobii also talked with pro gamers and coaches. With their help, the two companies can analyze specific areas. They can study how well you know your map. Likewise, they know if you have tunnel vision. Other than that, they can see how quickly you process new information.

What Can We Expect from Mobalytics and Tobii?

Tobii has released the Eye Tracker 5 to boost gamers’ experience. Tech Crunch reports that Tobii has also paired the device with AAA games like “Rise of the Tomb Raider.” Players can use the Eye Tracker 5 to aim, instead of the analog sticks. 

Mobalytics has raised $11 million as it tries to expand its gaming tools. They want to give gamers an assistant that boosts their skills by studying their play style. 

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