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Google Won’t Support Stadia for the New Chromecast Until 2021

Irene Hawkins



Google Won’t Support Stadia for the New Chromecast Until 2021

If you grab the new $50 Google Chromecast, you’ll get to enjoy a range of new streaming services, including Google TV. However, the new Chromecast will not support Google’s cloud gaming service, the Stadia, at launch. Instead, Google says it would delay Stadia support to 2021. 

The New Google Chromecast

The Verge does report that they were able to run Stadia on Chromecast through sideloading. So, you might not know why Google just doesn’t support Stadia from the get-go.

According to The Verge, the present Chromecast Ultra doesn’t have an interface. Instead, you can control your phone to cast videos from the internet to the Chromecast Ultra. 

What’s Up with the New Chromecast?

On the other hand, Chromecast with Google TV uses Android TV as an operating system. This operating system gives the new Chromecast a user interface and more than 6,500 apps. Then, you have the Google TV interface, which should prettify Android TV. On top of that, you get the Cast feature for streaming online videos to Android TV devices. 

What’s missing is Google Stadia games. The Verge says that Stadia does work on Android TV, but weirdly. The website 9to5Google says that Stadia feels like Google just pasted it on Android TV’s interface. 

Should I Get the New Google Chromecast?

If you don’t plan to use Stadia anyway, you should grab the new Chromecast with Google TV. But, if you have an itch for Stadia, the Verge suggests that you stick with the current Chromecast Ultra. 

You can still buy the Stadia Premiere Edition of the Chromecast Ultra for $300 for your video streaming and cloud gaming needs.

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