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AT&T Confuses Customers With 5G Email, Apologizes

Irene Hawkins



AT&T has apologized for its email warning customers to get new phones because it will phase out 3G in favor of 5G.

With 5G coming soon, and most phones using 4G, AT&T plans to phase out its 3G service by February 2022. If you’re using an older phone, you might want to get the new phone you’ve always wanted. But not right now. However, AT&T sent out emails to its customers about phasing out 3G without telling them about 2022. Naturally, its customers panicked.  

AT&T Moves to 5G

Android Report says that AT&T has said in the email that they will stop supporting 3G phones. In the email, AT&T also said that customers should try upgrading their devices to continue using AT&T. According to the report, AT&T also advised its customers to buy new phones through its online service.

Will the Move to 5G Affect My AT&T Phone?

Most phones already use 4G LTE for data and voice calls. But, for example, if you use an iPhone 5, then you can’t use it in 2022 anymore. The AT&T support page has uploaded a list of whitelisted phones. You can look at it here and see if your phone can still last until 2022.  

AT&T Apologizes for the 5G Confusion

AT&T has responded to the situation. In an email to Gizmodo, a spokesperson said it was sorry for confusing customers. They also promised to be more transparent in future statements. 

Gizmodo added that AT&T is planning to boost its 4G/5G network by using some of its 3G spectrum. AT&T is also planning to “consolidate its network” for 4G and 5G.

If you’re thinking of getting a new phone by 2022, remember that your phone must support 4G and AT&T’s “HD Voice.” 

You still have until 2022 to get a new phone if you want. By then, maybe you’ll have decided to get on the 5G wave. 

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