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Amazon Announces Amazon Sidewalk




Amazon Announces Amazon Sidewalk

If you’ve fully invested in an Amazon smart home, you might want to try the new Amazon Sidewalk. According to the company, Sidewalk can help your Amazon devices stay connected even outdoors. 

Amazon Sidewalk

In a blog post, Amazon said that Sidewalk is a “neighborhood network” that should help “your devices work better,” both indoors and in the yard. For example, with Sidewalk, you can still receive motion alerts from your security cameras if your Wi-Fi goes down. If your driveway’s smart lights are too far from your Wi-Fi, Sidewalk can connect them. 

How Does Amazon Sidewalk Work?

In 2019, Amazon announced the Sidewalk network. The company said Sidewalk connects your smart devices to your home Wi-Fi even if your devices are out of range.

With Sidewalk, you can control your driveway’s smart lights, your yard’s smart sprinklers, and other devices in your smart yard.

Now, Amazon says you can use your Amazon Ring and Echo devices as Sidewalk Bridges, or network extenders. The Wi-Fi signals should pass through your outdoor Ring or Echo devices. Next, your devices create a shared Sidewalk network. Through Amazon Sidewalk, your smart devices stay connected. 

Can I Get Amazon Sidewalk Now?

Amazon should send an email to Ring owners about joining the Amazon Sidewalk network later this month. Echo owners will receive the email later this year. Check out Amazon’s page for more information.

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