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Zoom Corners Meeting App Market with $600 Zoom For Home Tablet

Rob Sterling



Popular video conferencing app Zoom promises to make virtual office meetings easier with its new $600 Zoom For Home tablet, set to ship August 2020.

You and everybody you know might be working from home. So we’ve all come to rely on Zoom for office meetings. Are you still looking for a job? Then you might also use Zoom for interviews. Because of COVID-19, the video conference app has become part of our daily lives. As it moves to control the market for video meeting apps, Zoom is releasing a new tablet. This tablet costs a hefty $600.

What Is This Zoom Tablet?

Gizmodo reports that the new Zoom tablet is called Zoom For Home—DTEN ME. The tablet measures 27 inches. But its selling point is that you can use Zoom on it right out of the box. The Zoom software is pre-installed on the Zoom For Home.

According to Gizmodo, Zoom’s tablet has some cool video conferencing specs. It comes with a multi-touch 1080p display, along with three wide-angle smart cameras. For audio, the tablet has eight noise-reducing microphones. Its software also allows users to link the table to their calendars. With this, your meetings will appear on the tablet’s sidebar. What’s more, you can even write on it. The tablet also functions as a whiteboard.

However, the most important thing is that the tablet connects to Zoom automatically. You just enter a meeting code and voila. Grab it straight from the box and link it up with your teammates.

Zoom for Home’s Other Specs

Another tech blog, Tech Crunch, reports that you can also connect your laptop or phone to the Zoom For Home. It uses “ultrasonic pairing” to do this. Zoom Rooms head Jeff Smith says it works like Bluetooth, but it uses sound instead of radio signals. But don’t worry, you won’t hear Zoom For Home. It only emits sounds between 18 and 22 kHz, which is inaudible.

Can You Use the Zoom for Home Outside Meetings?

With that said, though, Gizmodo says it’s still unclear if you can even use the tablet outside meetings. Find out when the Zoom For Home starts shipping in August 2020.  

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