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Sara Dietschy interviews Marques Brownlee, top tech YouTuber (10 million subscribers)

Irene Hawkins



Yesterday, Sara Dietschy from That Creative Life Podcast had invited Marques Brownlee (MKBHD), the greatest tech YouTuber of all time, discussing the expansion of his “Tech Empire”, reaching 10 million subscribers and if we reached the “peak smartphone” era.

The full timeline of the interview (timestamp):

1:20 What cameras and codecs does Marques use?

2:31 Does he ever use Adobe Premiere Pro?

4:45 His camera robot

8:28 The decision making process behind videos

10:01 Did he feel nervous before his interviews?

11:51 How does Marques go about structuring new content? New channels?

12:42 Is he enjoying his podcast?

13:32 His early days and where he grew up

14:19 How useful his college degree it turned out to be

15:30 At what point did his channel explode in popularity?

17:07 How his family reacted to him making videos

18:48 MKBHD’s channel before tech videos

20:43 How MKBHD became tech savvy

21:24 Sports & Marques

21:53 What it’s like to also be a pro Ultimate Frisbee player

23:32 Evolution of Ultimate Frisbee

25:37 Was there ever a moment where he had to choose between sports or YouTube?

26:58 His involvement in the video making process

29:35 Dream camera

30:58 Cameras (C100, C200, 5D Mark III, T2i, T3i) & video making process

35:16 Early audio recording techniques

36:17 How his approach to CES changed

41:00 Are we at “Peak Smartphone”? (peak car comparison)

47:23 Apple’s quality control issues

48:30 His thoughts on YouTube’s Retro Tech show

49:40 Biggest challenges with Retro Tech

51:37 Can Marques ever let go of the editing process?

54:14 Biggest challenge over the last 11 years

55:29 Advice to content creators starting in a saturated space?

Irene grew up in Dayton, Ohio, and now lives in New York as a full-time environmentalist and a part-time journalist. She was previously an editor at local online newspaper, where she wrote about topics including technology, finance and the media industry.

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