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Psyche Coin: Step into The Future of DeFi by Participating in a Faster and Easier Cryptocurrency

Sam Arnold



Bill Gates once said, “The future of money is digital currency”. Well, the future is here! We are living in this technology-driven world where cryptocurrency is widely accepted in various industries. In this evolution of digitalizing the currency, Blockchain and smart contracts are the breakthroughs. It needs to enhance security, transparency, and accessibility by reducing cost, time, and complicacy in a transaction. Introducing Psyche Coin, the faster and more user-friendly cryptocurrency that anyone can use without any difficulty.

Psyche is revolutionizing the cryptocurrency aspect and is highly committed to building an improved and convenient DeFi system. It is the fusion of cryptocurrency and easier technology. The goal is to encourage non-technical people to participate in cryptocurrency. Psyche makes the process swift and simple for everyone.

Purpose to Switch to Psyche

Digital currency is looking for a solution that is easy like PayPal, faster like blockchain, and trustworthy like traditional systems. Among the 7,000 million world population, there are 50 million cryptocurrency users. The majority of them are still in doubt to use cryptocurrency on daily basis. For a thousand dollar transfer, the bank costs around $45-$55 whereas a Bitcoin to Bitcoin transfer costs $12 to $25. With Psyche coin, the transfer cost is zero.

Psyche is making a fusion of cryptocurrency and utilizing a friendly technology to make the transaction easy. It complies with multiple stable coins with 3,000 transactions per second. Psyche is dedicated to build a providing superior Blockchain to evolve stable currency control. The system enacts the coins to pay the transaction fee. It also provides the easiest wallet ID on the cryptocurrency market that ensures the transaction time fewer than three seconds.

Psyche is intending to make it easy for ordinary people by offering accessibility and consistency. Even a 90-year-old grandfather must be able to send $100 to his grandson from his mobile phone. Psyche’s motivation is to design cryptography that will help the entire community. The vision is to craft a world where:

  • Cryptocurrency is easy to understand
  • Creates a trustworthy reputation
  • People will feel comfortable to use cryptocurrency in daily transactions
  • Does not harm the environment
  • Impoverished the communities directly benefit from the existence of the digital currency

Psyche is Making Cryptocurrency Accessible for Regular Use

The name has been inspired by Psyche 16 which is the most valuable Asteroid in the space that aims to support the near future. The goal of Psyche Coin is also focused on the future to enhance the payment process by building a straightforward operating method. Psyche will create a network with stable coins so that users can enjoy consistent pricing while transacting throughout the day. Currently, the Psyche coin is available for transacting in remittance, marketplace, payments, and shopping.

Psyche makes cryptocurrencies more accessible by utilizing ERC20 utility token to the average persons formulating a less complicated system. The “RefleX Algorithm” has been exploited to be successful in its goal. In Blockchain, it functions in synchronicity along with traditional techniques to exhilarate speed and easily accessible to everyone. It makes the process as easy as sending emails by using the internet. Psyche Coin allows exchanging a substantial amount every day with confidence and trust.

Key Features of Psyche

Psyche improvised newer features that are beneficial for every user. The protocol includes:

  • Security: The users are allowed to set a private key and pin from the app to validate the transaction. Psyche utilizes strong cryptography to encrypt and store the key and pin so that it can never be cracked. The users are solely authorized to reset the KEY for the account credentials. Users can also add another layer of security using 2FA with Google authenticator.
  • Speed: Psyche enables rapid transactions that reach just in a milliseconds. The system has the capacity of a maximum of 3000 transactions per second. Psyche is working on extending the limit. It does not require the network to approve and process for each transaction.
  • Specified Transaction: Psyche imposes a unique six-digit code that must be submitted to complete a transaction. The encrypted code only appears and can be shared by the sender to the receiver. It prohibits the consequence of sending money to the wrong address.
  • Charge: Psyche permits to transfer five charge-free transactions in a day from one wallet to another. From the sixth transfer, the user needs to pay a 0.25 percent charge per transaction. Apart from this, there is no other interceder or hidden costs.
  • Scalability: Psyche manages millions of active users in a day and entails strong scalability by utilizing an innovative algorithm. It facilitates the users to pair with smartphones around the world and enjoy the smart transaction system.
  • Reliable: Psyche permits users to sell digital goods in an escrow-based marketplace (by third party). To enhance reliability, trust and verification in the transaction, Psyche involves third-party to hold the funds for the buyers and sellers. It helps to build trust in one another and to the system.
  • Investing in Assets: Psyche allows the users to make assets by purchasing from the Psyche community and earning through referral. Psyche commends to trade at the rate of $0.98 and purchase at $1. The respiratory module of the protocol runs and allocates concurrent and precise fees.
  • Environment Friendly: Psyche ensures the entire network does not require much involvement in every transaction so that the environment can is less polluted. Even the P2P transactions take place directly by Masternode. Psyche is aiming to be the most environmentally-friendly cryptocurrency.

Psyche is improvising versatility into the cryptography policy and growing with brilliant ideas that are beneficial for users with developing several Masternode around the world to maintain the network up and running with enhanced speed. Above all, Psyche is highly concerned that the users don’t have to compromise with freedom, comfort, and security while making a transaction with Psyche Coin.

About Psyche

Psyche Coin has opened a new dimension to the cryptocurrency. It is working with the vision to give the world a better future in digitalized currency. Psyche is working from the streamlined process to make it highly effective, more convenient, and grant the users to enjoy the freedom, comfort, and security right in the hands. It sets its priority to the mass people and the environment thus creating a better future by extending the regular concept of cryptocurrency.


Arnold is a senior British tech reporter at Tekrati. Before joining Tekrati, Arnold worked as an editor for his University Newspaper, writing sharable content for a student audience. Sam loves movies, running, and anything written by Oliver Sacks. The drink he chose is tea, which he does not recommend in large quantities.

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