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Microsoft Rolls Out Xbox App for Streaming Games on iOS

Irene Hawkins



Microsoft Rolls Out Xbox App for Streaming Games on iOS

Microsoft has released a new Xbox app that would let iOS users stream Xbox games to their iPhones and iPads.

After months of tension with Apple, Microsoft has finally allowed Xbox gamers to stream games on iOS devices. The company has released a new Xbox app with a remote play feature. With this feature, you can stream Xbox games on your iPhone or iPad. 

Microsoft’s New iOS Xbox App

The Verge reports that this iOS service is not the same as Project xCloud. With xCloud, you stream games from Microsoft’s servers, not your Xbox. However, the iOS app will let you stream from your console, not xCloud’s servers. So, this app is more like Sony’s PS4 Remote Play feature for Android and iOS.

If you get this app, you can stream Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S games. However, you can’t stream Xbox 360 and original Xbox games. 

What Else Can the Xbox App Do?

With this app, you can also access your Xbox using Wi-Fi, LTE, and 5G. You can use your phone to control your console, and you can even boot it up while you’re still outside your house. If you do this, your Xbox will start silently and without the Xbox’s front light. When you disconnect, the machine returns to standby mode. 

Should I Get This App?

The Verge also says that the new iOS app is a lot faster than the previous version. Moreover, the new app matches the Xbox’s new UI design and dashboard. However, this new app doesn’t mean you can use xCloud for iOS. 

Apple had wanted to allow cloud gaming from xCloud and Google Stadia. However, Microsoft and Google would have to submit hundreds of games as separate apps to Apple’s review. So, Microsoft wasn’t happy about that.

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