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Check Out Free Indie Games at Valve’s Autumn Steam Game Festival




Check Out Free Indie Games at Valve’s Autumn Steam Game Festival

If you’re itching to try some indie games, Valve’s got you covered. The Half-Life developer is launching the autumn edition of the Steam Game Festival. Steam is a popular online store that sells games for multiple platforms. During the Game Festival, you can try out hundreds of indie games for free. 

Steam Game Festival: Autumn Edition

The Verge reports that the Steam Game Festival: Autumn Edition begins on October 13 at 1 PM ET/10 AM PT. For PC gamers, you can try hundreds of indie games coming out in the next six months for free. You can check out these games, among others:

  •     Alpaca Ball: Allstars
  •     Cake Bash
  •     Ghostrunner
  •     Garden Story
  •     Smash Ball

Valve Game Festivals

Earlier in the year, Valve also opened the Steam Game Festival: Spring Edition. The company opened the festival to shine the spotlight on independent game developers. During the spring festival, Valve let gamers play free demos of 40 indie games via Steam.

Valve opened the festival due to the cancellation of the Game Developers Conference in 2020. The conference would have allowed indie developers to showcase their games and get a feature on Steam. 

Other Valve Events

During the Game Festival, some content creators and developers would also host live streams for gamers. They’d also accept interviews. Moreover, they would fill the event with special gameplay and commentary.

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