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Jerome Knyszewski

Jerome Knyszewski is an expert in all things involving online reputation.

About Jerome Knyszewski

Jerome Knyszewski joins the Tekrati super team as a Featured Contributing Author to share his long-standing experience in tech, online business, SEO, marketing, and so much more. Bringing with him a long history of working with some of the top-most innovators in the tech industry. Whether it be the fast-growing customer engagement platform provider Maropost, the singular client-focused SEO agency Over-The-Top SEO (O.T.T.), or the mastermind group The Oracles, whose clients comprise some of the world’s leading entrepreneurs.

Along with his experience comes a history of working as a content creator. Sharing works such as the book “Internet Marketing For Local Business Owners: Survival Guide: Enter the Digital Age, Successfully: Slash Your Advertising Budget While Getting More Fresh Leads & New Customers”, published in February 2011, that help guide burgeoning and old entrepreneurs alike with the knowledge required to get started on their online marketing ventures.


Jerome Knyszewski’s mission is to help entrepreneurs looking to build their own companies create a reputation for themselves that will withstand the test of time and display them as not only competent but as someone investors would be impressed by. His Online Reputation Management company, Heavyshift Marketing was founded for this reason. It markets global entrepreneurs as accomplished businessmen and CEOs with a strategic, regular, and undeniable media presence that will allow them to stand out over the rest of the crowd.


Tekrati is honored to have Jerome Knyszewski’s talent for service journalism, content marketing, and PR on board. We eagerly await, and are grateful, for the content that he will create and share with our beloved Tekrati readers.

What people are saying about Jerome Knyszewski:

Reviews, testimonials and recommendations

“In the World of Reputation Strategists, I only regard few professionals highly. Jerome Knyszewski is the only Strategist I recommend without hesitation or fear of later remorse. In all the years I have worked with and referred business to Jerome; I have never received a report less than five stars for his services. He truly is every bit of the Authority, Positioning & Online Reputation Strategist. I suggest you take good notes. He knows this business and he will take you to the promised land. I would never think of making another strategic move in business online without conferring with Jerome. I am truly blessed to have worked with him and I will refer my close business associates to him without hesitation.”

PETER SAUER PETER SAUER Head/Success Coach, Success by Design 4 You

“Jerome is the real deal. The smartest SEO guy I know because he understands that doing SEO in a way that actually works means ignoring what 99% of ‘experts’ tell you to do. For all things SEO-related, I keep Jerome on speed dial. You should too.”

LIAM QUIRK LIAM QUIRK Principal/Director of Communications at TeqFyt

“Jerome Knyszewski is one of the foremost experts in the field of online reputation management. He knows how to bring your business to the next level; his advice always gives results. Recommended!”


Jerome Knyszewski's Favourite Quote

"Success is no accident." - Pele